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Tech Advisor attracts buyers of all experience levels across the whole range of consumer technology – from laptops to smartphones and tablets, smart-home gadgets to wearable devices, apps and accessories, consoles and games, and beyond.

With a focus on hardware and software that’s central to a PC-centric universe the famous PC Advisor section focuses on laptops and desktop computers; WiFi and networking products; graphics cards and storage; and Windows, Office and other essential PC apps and utilities.

With strong ties to all the major manufacturers, as well as incredible product knowledge built from years covering the consumer tech industry, Tech Advisor is uniquely positioned to tell users and influencers what to buy, and how to get more from their purchases.

About IDG

IDG is the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services company. We influence the most powerful tech buyers in the world — from business technologists to enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Technology is constantly evolving, with each change bringing a need for clarity. Through our websites, events and international publications, IDG provides the insights that tech buyers need to put technology to work in their professional and personal lives.

From our audiences declared data and their behavior, we’re able to form a unique picture of their purchasing intent, identifying high-value prospects for our marketing clients across media and demand generation.

IDG marketing services accelerates purchasing and deepens engagement, leveraging our history of creating actionable content to help audiences understand technology. We create custom content with marketing impact across digital, video, mobile, social and research, employing our intimate knowledge of our client’s goals.

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