The iPhone X is the iPhone Apple fans have been waiting on for a decade. Redesigns used to come every two years, but we’ve had the iPhone 6 design iterated on since 2014. Although the iPhone 8 is already out and looking familiar, the real revelation here is the bezel-less iPhone X.

OK, Android fans are annoyed that Samsung, LG and others have done it already, but Apple is good at doing things very well on its own first attempt. The iPhone X was announced in September and became available to pre-order on 27 October. It's now available for general sale after its 3 November release, but supply is struggling to meet demand so you may struggle to get your hands on one.

How much is the iPhone X?

It’s the thousand pound iPhone - £999 for 64GB storage or £1,149 for 256GB.

When is it available to buy?

You can buy the iPhone X direct from Apple here. Waiting times are lengthy, so check before you buy to see how long until your device is expected to ship.

Where can you buy the iPhone X?

As said, Apple is the obvious go-to but it does mean spending at least £999. Ouch.

You may well want to spread the cost over a two-year contract. Contracts arange from around £60 - £80 per month, and even then you may be waiting a month or so until it’s in stock. Check out your options here.

Carphone Warehouse

Click here to view the iPhone X with Carphone Warehouse

Carphone may well have stock in store as well as online so it's well worth checking out your local shop. Prices online start from £71 per month, and you can buy the iPhone X SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse too.


Click here to view the iPhone X with O2

O2 is currently quoting delivery times of up to four weeks, but could be a good option if you are on its O2 Refresh programme. 


Click here to view the iPhone X with Three

Three have broken the £100 a month mark! Congrats guys. Then again, that is with unlimited everything including data, so in some ways it's a good deal. But over two years, that adds up. To a lot.

Alternatives include a £68 per month option with £79 upfront, which gets you 12GB data and unlimited minutes and texts.


Click here to view the iPhone X with EE

EE's prices start at £67.99 with an upfront cost and go all the way up to £82.99, but that gets you an insane 100GB data.


Click here to view the iPhone X with Vodafone

If you can stump up £300 upfront, then £56 a month with Vodafone is a decent deal.

Mobile Phones Direct

Click here to view the iPhone X with Mobile Phones Direct

MPD has some excellent prices that are well worth checking out, including 26GB of data for £64 per month with an £49.99 upfront cost.

Sky Mobile

Click here to view the iPhone X with Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile have the best prices, but there's a catch. For £37 per month you can get the iPhone X, but on a 30 month loan period - meaning you won't actually own the phone at the end of it.

Read the small print carefully, but it's a good way to have a phone for two years for less money.

iPhone X price comparison

Use our below tool to select your preferences for the iPhone X and see where's best to get it from.