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Tech Helproom

Got a technical query or a problem with your PC? With more than a million posts already in our database the chances are good that we've resolved the same problem for someone in the past. Before you post your own thread, try using our search facility - it may save you (and us) some valuable time.

Windows Help

The PC Advisor Windows Help forum is the place to discuss new features and compatibility issues with all Windows operating systems. Fix problems with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Get more from your Windows PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Our experts will be delighted to help with any Windows problems you are having.

Apple Help

Macworld's Apple Help forum is the place to find help (and give it) about Apple's iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac mini and other hardware. Or just discuss the latest Apple gear and goings on in Cupertino. Find out how to get what you want from iOS and OS X – including iOS 8 and Yosemite. Our experts will be delighted to help with any Mac or iOS problems that you're having.

Digital Home & Smartphones Help

Free smartphone - and digital home buying advice, your smartphone and digital home problems solved. Discuss hot topics, from the latest phones and tariffs to 4G coverage and usability. Need advice about which TV to buy or how to get the best sound from your speakers? Whatever your digital problem, post your request here and we'll help.

Consumer Rights Advice

Need some advice about what to buy and where to buy it? Not sure which supplier to use? Maybe your supplier treated you badly, or maybe you received excellent service. Perhaps you're not sure about current consumer legislation. Whether you want to air a complaint or hand out praise, share your experience with us all, here in Consumer Rights Advice.

Speakers Corner

This is the place for lively and thought-provoking debate with other forum members. There's no need to restrict discussions to computing, or computer related topics, but be warned... we don't condone religious intolerance, sexism, racism, bad language, personal abuse, partisan politics or libellous statements. The Forum Editor's decision on such matters is final, and posts which break the rules will be removed without prior warning.

Beta Testing

The Beta-testing forum is the place to learn about upcoming software programs. PC Advisor's panel of expert forum members install and appraise big name software beta releases, seeking out their strengths and weaknesses so you don't have to. Anyone can browse and read posts on the Beta-testing forum, but software beta tests are by invite only. To find out more and apply to take part in future beta testing, email the Forum Editor, at [email protected].

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