I have been hacked please help

  hykehasratian 23:05 27 Nov 2017

I want to talk to a professional programmer and see if they can determine who hacked my computer. File Sharing was activated on my computer without me doing it, File Sharing was also active without me doing it, my Mac HD Drive was cloned, I have accessed the terminal. I have accessed the console and system information to figure out what I can and I don't know enough about how to determine if I have been hacked. All I know is that I have definitely been hacked. Is there a was to reverse program to backtrack and see who place the trojan into my computer? Please help I have to figure out who's done this to me so that I can figure out who's my enemy...

  Archie44 23:10 27 Nov 2017

I'm not a professional but have a look here c here

  Archie44 23:15 27 Nov 2017

and here too

  Forum Editor 18:35 28 Nov 2017

If your computer has really been hacked, you will not discover who did it, so forget forget about that - it would not have been a personal thing in any case.

Rather than spend time or money trying to find out how this happened, you would be better advised to put it behind you, and set about ensuring that it can't happen again.

  1. Make sure that you are running a good anti-virus application, and keep it updated.
  2. Ensure that file sharing is turned off.
  3. Install Malwarebytes.
  4. Do not let your browser remember passwords
  5. Don't open email attachments unless you know who sent them.
  6. Don't click on links in emails unless the message comes from a trusted sender.

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