EaseUS Todo Backup 9.0 - overall impressions

  Forum Editor 17:05 27 Feb 2016

Now that you have had a while to work with the software, what are your overall impressions?

Based on your overview, and bearing in mind that you are using the home edition, which costs $29 is the software good value for money?

  bumpkin 14:45 28 Feb 2016

Not for me as can be seen by my previous comments in the other threads. Thanks for the trial anyway, as for good value I won't be using the free one let alone buying it.

  QuizMan 20:44 28 Feb 2016

For me, the test of a good back up programme is "does it work?" and "how well does it recover lost data?" The answer to both was that it did so flawlessly. Therefore, unlike others I am happy to continue to use it. Having lost faith in Acronis TI, this is a little gem. As I mentioned in my previous report, I get frustrated at not knowing with any degree of reliability how long each backup scenario is going to take, but that aside, it ticks all my boxes.

I have noticed a few e-mails coming in for their other products and the frequency needs to be toned down a bit or I'll hit the unsubscribe button which would be a shame.

  QuizMan 20:49 28 Feb 2016

A quick comment on value - it is Ok, but no better than that. Other packages can be picked up for a similar amount with a bit of web crawling, but that is not really the point, is it? Lost data is potentially costly so the price is immaterial compared to reliability and, for me, this software is reliable.

  martd7 21:44 28 Feb 2016

Its the first time ive used any back up software and the few tests I have done went well,apart from the"emergency disc" procedure which was a bit unclear

I have also had emails,4 all to do with discount offers for Easus products

Apart from that the interface was simple and clean not filled with too many options

  Ventad 12:59 29 Feb 2016

Since my cloning failure (in previous beta thread) I have spent hours going through different forums to see if I was going wrong trying to boot up using the UEFI boot up but it seems to be right. The computer/EaseUS program designated 'A' as the hard disc drive, clicking on 'A' all looks the same as 'C' drive and when clicking on 'A' and clicking on photos etc all open up so I think I reserve a yes or no at the moment I need to be more convinced either way.

Although the legacy settings can be changed in W10 I need to be a bit more conversant in what I would be doing.

  Aitchbee 00:27 04 Mar 2016

Overall, I would say that the cloning feature [albeit I actually used the Trial version for this] is the main reason that I would buy this software. As I only ever make full image backups of systems disks/partitions to local external storage devices, most of the other features are surplus to my requirements. I was surprised to see that the size of the Easeus Todo Backup installation 'weighed-in' at 1,465 mb!

I'll stick with Ocster Backup Pro, a much leaner program installation [37.88mb]for my full image backups but will use the free version of ETB for cloning old hard disks that might be on their last legs ... for as long as it is available.

  howard64 12:36 05 Apr 2016

found a problem/annoyance having replaced a hard drive I could not get the backup to work. It turns out that when doing the backup I had to do a sector by sector backup. This meant that the replacement drive had to be equal to or larger than the original. There is nothing in the program to warn you about that.

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