Mini tool system backup - beta test

  Forum Editor 12:42 26 Mar 2017

Welcome to those of you who have volunteered to test this software.

Please click on this link to download the software. You will need to enter your email address to receive the download.

Once you have the download installed, please post in this thread and confirm. In your post, please mention which version of Windows you are running.

At the same time, send an email to me at: - [email protected] and tell me which email address you provided. This is so the software company can identify PCAdvisor members when it sends out your free software key. Please put 'Minitools beta test' in the subject line of your email.

Once everyone is confirmed as up and running, I'll open a new thread, and we can proceed.

  bumpkin 19:02 26 Mar 2017

Well I have give up before we even get started, let's see others comments.

  Green Thunb 19:22 26 Mar 2017

Looks like it open to anyone. ?/p>

  Matt. 19:52 26 Mar 2017

Downloaded and installed, running Windows 8.1 (with Classic Shell)

  Aitchbee 20:11 26 Mar 2017

Successful download and install on desktop computer running Windows 7 Professional SP1, 32-bit version.

  bumpkin 20:13 26 Mar 2017

OK I will try again.

  bumpkin 20:17 26 Mar 2017

Do I click on test now?

  QuizMan 20:42 26 Mar 2017

bumpkin - Much too simple! I found that did not work. I had to enter my email further down the page, then acknowledge the resulting e-mail and then they send you the link for the download.

  QuizMan 20:45 26 Mar 2017

Using the method described above, I have installed the program successfully, but am rather disappointed to see a comment that it is only valid until 31st March. As I usually have a weekend back up scheme, this is not very helpful. I will see if I can find time during the week to test things, otherwise I may have to abort this beta.

  Forum Editor 22:19 26 Mar 2017

"Looks like it open to anyone."

Yes, it is but not everyone gets a free software licence in exchange for trying it.

  Sapins 08:26 27 Mar 2017

I didn't realise it was only for Windows, I'm on an iMac, so I withdraw I hope gracefully!

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