Partition wizard - features to be explored

  Forum Editor 15:45 21 Jan 2016

Now that you have installed Partition Wizard, it's time to explore some of its features.

One of these is the ability to run the Windows chkdsk.exe without the usual palaver of opening a command line window. Could you please find and run this feature, and report on how easy you found it?

  Ventad 20:39 21 Jan 2016

Same as bjh, Not obvious that it is going to do chkdsk, as I also have a large disk it was very slow because it was new and mainly empty, but on changing to partition D: recovery it raced along.

I had a report twice in the way of a pop up that I had stopped the process after the screen went black thought it was battery saver but looking into settings W10 found that the computer was going to sleep by default after 10mins, this would need to be mentioned if not already in the help files . Took 4 mins 41 secs with 14.62 GB

  Aitchbee 22:23 21 Jan 2016

With a 400gb USB external HD connected to my XP computer, I selected Check & fix detected errors on this HD via the Check File System option on LHS on main PartitionWizard screen. After a minute or so, it reported back "Windows has made corrections to the file system."

The Surface Test option on the same drive would be better left running overnight perhaps, as it gave an estimate time of nearly 4 hours to complete the test.

  Aitchbee 23:43 21 Jan 2016

You can't copy the text results to another window, which could be useful, particularly as it's giving a more verbose reply.

It is possible to set a suitable delay time to take a screenshot and save the data for future examination.

  beeuuem 03:33 22 Jan 2016

The option to check the file system was easily found and running the test was quick, although not notably any faster than using Chkdsk, and reported from te first test on partition C that errors in the uppercase file had been found and fixed.

A noted quirk is that on opening the program it opens with Disk 1 selected ( the first HDD) and the full menu options are not displayed

click here

On selecting any other HDD the full range of options are displayed

click here remain available thereafter. This behaviour was observed when using both XP and Windows7.


  beeuuem 03:38 22 Jan 2016

Apologies for getting a crick in the neck looking at the second image.

  bumpkin 10:38 22 Jan 2016

I can't find it.

  bumpkin 10:49 22 Jan 2016

Now I see, you have to select the partition before the option appears. Very quick.

  Ventad 10:55 22 Jan 2016


I used the windows snip tool to get a copy of the report, needed 3 snips to get full report.

  beeuuem 12:43 22 Jan 2016

bjh- You are correct. I can see that showing the disk options on first opening the program is logical. For novice users, who rarely use programs such as this and are nervous to click on anything in case of committing themselves to doing something they don't want to do, it may be a little confusing. For those of us who keep images and are thus happy to try anything, in the knowledge that we can easily restore a good configuration, using new or unfamiliar software is less of a challenge/concern.

  bumpkin 22:04 22 Jan 2016

Never try ANTHING without a full backup.

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