Partition Wizard - general - pros and cons

  Forum Editor 15:39 24 Jan 2016

Now that you have time to explore the software, what are your overall impressions - your likes and dislikes? Please feel free to post about any aspect of the software in this thread.

  Aitchbee 23:06 26 Jan 2016

I've been testing Minitools on 3 external [easily swappable] IDE hard drives that had been stored away for about ten years ... just waiting for this BETA test to bring them out of hibernation. I was able to practice using most of the partitioning functions available without any problems as the software is very simple to use. The additional help that is available via the video tutorials and the FAQ's is an excellent way to build confidence and inspire the faint-hearted to make fairly minor changes to their computer systems. However,as I have mentioned before, the Bootable Disk Version [which is not available with this edition] would be required if anyone was wishing to accomplish more advanced procedures ... like installing more than one Operating System on one Hard Drive, for instance.

  bumpkin 09:16 27 Jan 2016

Easy to use, I liked it.

  TAFKAF 09:23 27 Jan 2016

Found it simple & easy to use without any major problems. A neat bit of software.

  Ventad 14:15 27 Jan 2016

Don't know what happened to my last reply to this thread a few minutes ago , I will try again.

Having had computers for a long period of time I am a bit of a newbie to partitioning I did partition my old but now defunct desktop some time ago first using Windows own system and because it was a bit daunting I downloaded a freebie from file hippo which I found better.

But Minitools is much easier and clearer to use and no problems.

  beeuuem 20:38 29 Jan 2016

The Mini tool partition wizard is simple to use. It has the normal features that one would expect with a couple of useful extras.

The ability to correctly align partitions on hards drives is useful. This is particularly important- useful - should the backup program not do this, for example with older editions of Acronis True Image when restoring partitions to SSD hard drives.

Although not unique to this programme the ability to see the changes that will be made before committing to them provides a safeguard for the novice user. Similarly, the ability to manage the partition properties such as changing the label or drive letter is more intuitive than te tools available within Windows.

Overall the program offers a helpful selection of tools to manage the partition(s) in one location. While not necessary for everyday use, this is a useful program to have available when making changes to an existing system or setting up a new system.

  Forum Editor 17:54 01 Feb 2016

Thanks, everyone. I hope you enjoyed doing this.

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