Cordless home phone ringing problem

  spike1947 15:12 24 Nov 2017

Hello I am having a problem with my home cordless phones , I have a twin Binatone from one base and I have a Panasonic on it own base upstairs . The problem I am having is that all 3 ring once with there melody (choosen on set up on each phone ) , then they all go to just a repeeting beep , can not figure what the problem can be , have re-regestered the 2 bases to there respective phones still same problem , checked the supply voltage from BT line ( TalkTalk ) and it is showing 50V dc at each line into the 2 bases . Has anyone got any idea to what the problem could be , if one phone went on the blink from one base unit I would just go and purchase another phone twin set , but all 3 of them on 2 different base units , would not think that could be possible .

cheers spike

  BT 18:15 24 Nov 2017

..but all 3 of them on 2 different base units , would not think that could be possible .

I have 3 handsets registered on 2 base units and a single charger. As long as only one base unit is connected to the phone line, the second base unit just works as a charger, no problem.

Ringing problems can sometimes be traced to the handset batteries needing replacement.

  spike1947 18:53 24 Nov 2017

Hi Thanks for your reply , I have 2 different base units conected , one for the Binatone twin and one for the Panasonic single .

  wee eddie 19:09 24 Nov 2017

Spike, I think that therein lies your problem

  spike1947 22:57 24 Nov 2017

Hi there I have tried it with only one base connected, still same !.

  BRYNIT 10:12 25 Nov 2017

I have 2 different base unit connected with no problems.

If both units have answer phone capabilities make sure that only one is active.

When you connect one base unit to the phone line is it connected direct to the main phone line socket or is it connected via an extension cable socket. If via extension cable try at the main phone line socket as it could be a faulty extension cable/socket.

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