Designing a device bridge Flash Memory to USB

  vivitern 07:37 24 Nov 2017

I've been scratching my head at this for a while now. I'm trying to build a device that records audio using a VS1053 encoder IC to some sort of SPI flash memory. I want to be able to download the recorded files via USB to a computer.

Currently I'm using to record OGG audio to a microSD card which I can plug into a computer. I would like to eventually design my own board that has the encoder IC, SPI flash memory, and the USB bridge(?). Here are the questions I have:

Can I use any type of flash memory IC like this one:W25Q64FVSSIG? 64Mbit will be enough for my application. Existing libraries for the audio encoder output data to an SD card. Can external flash memory be configured to appear as a very low capacity SD card? For the aforementioned USB capability I found a couple of memory controller ICs: -Maxims MAX145002: Probably too expensive for my application (~$20) -Microchip's USB4640: Reasonably priced (~$3) Will these memory controllers work with SPI flash memory? Also if it helps to know, this is a for a prototype of a device that will enter low volume production (100s to 1000s).

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