Gaming Query PS4 vs PS4 Pro

  ACALLAGHAN3 16:57 07 Nov 2017


I'm currently looking at picking up a new gaming console. When comparing the new releases I'm currently leaning towards a standard PS4 as I want to play the exclusives like Blooborne and Nioh and have wanted to play them for a while, I also plan on picking up newer titles as they come out and playing older ones from the system's history.

I do not plan on using it much for things beside playing games, maybe streaming netflix but that's about it. I will not be playing on 4K screens and at least for a while I won't be getting VR. I'm not a big spender so I've waited for the prices of the games I'm interested in to drop a fair bit, also the reason I haven't got a PC. My question is this:

If I go for a standard PS4, will it still run games properly? Or is it going to be obsolete in a few years and I'll need to upgrade anyway?

Also, can I play games from the PS2/3 era on the PS4?

Thank you.

  Menzie 19:51 07 Nov 2017

I went with a standard PS4 over the Pro as I found it better value especially with the bundles that were around at the time.

As for the old ones being obsolete, both MS and Sony have done clauses for development on the system so the games can be enhanced for the higher models but must run properly for the originals.

The newer ones are for those that seek an upgrade and will offer a better framerate and/or more detail. Online however everything will be set at the same framerate so no advantage will be achieved there.

So if having the top-end isn't important to you and you don't mind the odd game at a lower framerate then go standard.

How important the benefits are are ultimately up to you.

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