My New PC (help for getting parts of a PC)

  CharlieW101 21:30 09 Nov 2017

Hello! I'm getting a new PC for my birthday and was wondering if anyone who knows a thing or two about PC's could help me out. My budget it 500 GBP (I know it's not the largest amount, but i dont have the largest amount of money. I would prefer a CPU from Intel but it doesn't really matter. I dont mind about the look of the case, it just needs to hold the parts. Overclocking wouldn't be on the top of my list either.

I play games like CS:GO and Minecraft, and if my fps is stable at 150-200 thats perfect.

If anyone would like to build a PC for me, that'll be great and would be very appreciated. If not, any tips on parts for the PC would be great too!

Thank you for your time.?

  Menzie 17:27 10 Nov 2017

When you say a budget of £500 does that include the operating system, monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse?

As for tips:

AMD Ryzen has been well-received so in my opinion they are worthy of serious consideration and offer great value in the CPU sector.

I don't play those games so unfortunately won't be able to tell you which setup will run it at the frames wanted. Those titles are popular and I am sure dedicated forums to them will be able to better assist in suggesting specs for getting the framerate wanted.

  Forum Editor 23:10 10 Nov 2017

Moved to the Games forum from Consumer Rights Advice.

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